For Showroom we have multi important feature

-: Sales :-

Sales system in simple method

Sales History

Cancel Invoice

Sales Return

Invoice create System

Invoice print system in any printer

-: Due/ Advance Collect :-

Due advance from customer

-: Purchase :-

Purchase from supplier

Purchase history

Purchase Return

-: Customer Ledger :-

All details of specific customer

All details of whole customer

-: Supplier :-

Add Supplier system

Make a Payment

Supplier payment history

Manage Supplier system

-: Product and Inventory :-

Manage Product

Manage Category


Daily debit entry system


Expense head create system like salary, office cost, Extra cost etc

-: Fund :-

Business fund like specific manager name

-: Report :-

Stock Report

Fund History

Sales Report/ Customer Ledger

Purchase Report

Product Report

Profit/ Loss Report

-: Setting :-

Primary Investment Entry system

Manage User

Assign Supplier Due

Assign Customer Due

Assign Stock Value

Profile Picture

Note for important subject

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