Software Service Charge!

(Online version)

1) Our all types of accounts can be signed up free for online software. That means, anyone can create free software for their own business in online by The service charge will be completely free for one month.
2) There will be a service charge of BDT 500 or USD 6 per month for any accounting and inventory software in the shop category from next month. Which is to be paid by the 3th day of the month by online payment gateway or Bank
3) If someone wants to give it together for one year, there will be a thousand discount offer (500 BDT * 12 = 6000 = 1000 = 5000 BDT or 6 USD*12= 72- 60 USD )
4) Monthly fee of school / College / Madrasha management software is 1000 BDT or 12 USD up to 500 students. More than 1000 students will be increased to 1000 BDT or 12 USD per 500 students. In other words, if 500 or less students are 1000 BDT . It is to be noted that if additional work is done, then the additional charge will be required. For example:- SMS system.

Notice:- It can be change by company

(Offline version)

5) There is no need any charge to buy software for offline software usage.
But only 1 year service charge will be paid in advance.

The Company has the ability to change, modify or disseminate any rule at any time