How to earn by doing marketing?

Many marketers want to know how he will earn by marketing!

Today you will discuss about it:

Marketing can basically be done in two ways 1) Online 2) Offline

How to do online marketing

Today, online marketing is one of the most popular affiliates in the world, as affiliate marketing.

1) You can do marketing through your Facebook ID, Facebook page, Facebook group

2) You can also earn money by marketing your company or any organization abroad by email

3) If you have a blog then you can also make marketing through ad

4) You can also add ads through YouTube, which will open up the extra income for those who work on YouTube.

5) You can also do marketing from social media or other medium

6) Companies who have news portals, they can also be able to do marketing on their site


It is to be noted that, while marketing, you must specify your registered email number using the referral email / marketing email at the time of signing up the software.

How to do offline marketing

*) Going directly to any shop or organization can be done by marketing them

*) In any school or institution you can earn income by doing marketing

It is worth mentioning that in the case of both online or offline, there is a good way to earn good quality with full time or part time.

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